Terms and conditions GRsales

1. Common rules

You can post a free advertisement on GRsales.gr;

Advertisement posting period is 30 days. You can renew advertisement in your personal cabinet;

You can add photos to advertisement;

The right name of your goods or services should be displayed in the header;

Anyone can post advertisement on the free advertisements website;

Resources which do not correspond to the website’s focus and the rules will be deleted;

Administration keeps the right to move your advertisement to the other section of the board (more related to the subject) and to delete repeated advertisements;

The author of advertisement bears the responsibility for its contents. Administration of the website does not take any responsibility for the contents of advertisements and keeps the right to delete any advertisement without explanation of the reasons (in case of inconsistency with the rules);

Administration may change the rules of advertisement board at any time without informing the users;

Administration does not take any responsibility for the damage or loss occurred because of this website, while using this website or impossibility to use it;

When using resources provided by the website (including posting advertisements on the website and using given information) you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions and take indicated rights and duties regarding usage of the website.

2. Not allowed

It is not allowed to post advertisements violating existing moral standards;

It is not allowed to post advertisements violating the Law of Greece (drugs and violence propaganda, race hatred, selling or buying human or animal organs, goods forbidden for selling or buying on the territory of Greece, selling or buying electric fishing rods, pornography etc.);

It is not allowed to post advertisement inconsistent with the website’s subject;

It is not allowed to post the same advertisement twice in one or several board sections;

It is not allowed to post advertisements containing a set of key phrases;

It is not allowed to put HTML code, BB-code and unintelligible symbols in advertisement;

It is not allowed to write the header and the text of advertisement with CAPITAL LETTERS, to h*i*g*h*l*i*g*h*t t_h_e a_d_v_e_r_t_i_s_e_m_e_n_t with special symbol;

It is not allowed to insult users and administration of the website.

The website keeps the right to block advertisements and users without explanation of reasons. GRsales.gr website does not take responsibility for advertisements. Advertisement are made by people not the editor of the website. If you spotted a false, insulting or socially dangerous advertisement, please, send the link to the editor.With any suggestions, please, contact the administration of the website through the feedback form.

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